Beverage Fountains

 Rent Beautiful Punch & Beverage Fountains – Wichita, KS

Beverage FountainWe can’t say enough about our popular Champagne, Punch & Beverage Fountains, and our Customer’s can’t either.

Our 35″ tall, illuminated fountains will literally  “light up” your evening! They are very attractive, add instant ambiance, accommodate all glassware sizes, and omit the need for servers. No spilled cups, messy tables or wet floors. Guests enjoy the interactive aspect of helping themselves by placing their cup under one of the three spigots. Enjoy one or more!

You will Love Our Champagne, Punch and Beverage Fountains!

We have two versions: Modern or Ornate, and further accommodate your event by offering a number of lighting options (white, yellow, red, pink, blue or green).

Pink Beverage Fountain

Leave the silver-plated Top Cup empty for a clean, minimalist look or insert any number of decorative items, short or tall, to compliment your theme or event setting. Use feathers (ostrich, peacock, other), a floral arrangement, an event sign with curly ribbon, fabric, a couple of paper napkins from your event, etc. And, we are happy to assemble this for you, just leave us a few of your left-over room decor items.

Our Champagne, Punch & Beverage fountains are made of high quality stainless steel (not anodized aluminum) so they have a beautiful high gloss finish and are built for dependable, ongoing use. Our Beverage Fountains are “splash-proof” and also have a built in strainer to handle a fair amount of pulp, unlike other punch fountains.

Serve basic punch, iced tea, water, sparkling water, lemonade, tropical drinks, beer punch, sangria or any alcoholic beverages.

Blue Beverage Fountain

Our Beverage Fountains have a bowl size of 5 gal. and will hold up to 4.5 gallons of liquid or about 3.5 gallons if using ice. These can be refilled as needed, which is simple in comparison to continually filling individual cups. To compliment your Beverage Fountain, rent a Chocolate Fountain! See photos.

Our Beverage Fountains are food safe, effective, and impressive!  

 “Self Service” Beverage Fountain Rental: $65

Pick up and return to us. We clean. Verbal & written instructions provided.

“Full Service” Beverage Fountain Rental: $120 (or ½ price with a commercial Chocolate Fountain Rental). Includes delivery, set/up, tear down, clean up.

35″Stainless Steel Illuminated Beverage Fountain Punch Fountains for Champagne, Wine, Punch & Iced Beverages

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Local service provided for Wichita, KS and surrounding areas. Additional charges apply for non-local deliveries and shipment options.