Chocolate Fountain Questions

Chocolate Fountain Rentals – Questions & Answers

Learn about our state-of-the-art chocolate fountain rentals, the chocolate that we use, and how your chocolate fountain rental will be handled so you can enjoy your function and leave the details to us.

QUESTION: What makes your Chocolate Fountain rental company unique?

  1. We use current, state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring a reliable experience.
  2. Our machines are LARGER & more IMPRESSIVE – more for your money!
  3. We provide seven (7) sizes of Chocolate Fountains, to accommodate all event sizes, informal or formal.
  4. Our commercial Chocolate Fountains have an extended lip on the fountain’s base or come with a professional DRIP GUARD accessory, eliminating 95% of chocolate drips. The serving area stays attractive.
  5. We are a chocolate distributor, providing a wide variety of delicious and decadent chocolate for your chocolate fondue fountain experience.
  6. We allow you to select your preferred flavor of chocolate: Dark, semi-sweet, milk or white chocolate, including colored and/or flavored chocolate.
  7. We offer a FREE TCF Topper for several of our commercial chocolate fountains for a theme appropriate fountain.
  8. When event venues do not require you to purchase Dippers from them, we provide all inclusive services or allow you to save more by doing your own shopping, prep and display. All inclusive services come with attractive, size appropriate serving ware, skewers, napkins and plates as desired.

QUESTION:  Are chocolate fountains messy?
 Ours are not! We provide newer equipment with built in drip protection and fully monitor the fountain during the event, for a carefree experience This is a unique feature of our service!

QUESTION:  How does the Chocolate Fountain work? 
  The fountain base is electrically powered with a heating element that maintains the temperature of the chocolate and the motor drives a food grade stainless steel auger that pushes the chocolate upward, over the top of the fountain, allowing it to cascade over the fountain’s tiers.

QUESTION:  If I am having other food, is it better to have the Chocolate Fountain open immediately or use for dessert only? 
  Many of our customers prefer to have our Chocolate Fountains operational when guests arrive at the reception, allowing them to immediately help themselves or be served, if requesting more formal service. This gives the wedding party ample time for photos, without rushing. Guests are typically hungry and restless too. Our decadent Chocolate Fountains not only provide a beautiful mingling point abut will also entertain (and economically feed) your guests!

QUESTION:  Is chocolate included?
  Yes, we use a Premium grade of chocolate. Select from traditional flavors or select your favorite color or flavor, or even caramel sauce!

QUESTION:  Will I receive a booking agreement?
 Absolutely! Our Rental Agreement is simple and straightforward but clarifies dates, times, colors, directions, goods included, etc.

QUESTION:  Do I have to set up the Chocolate Fountain? 
  We allow you to rent our MINI Fountain for home events (perfect for Bridal Showers, home parties, etc.) with a Pick Up / Return rental system if preferred. For local rentals, we handle the set up, tear down, and cleaning, and ‘tend’ the fountain during your event for up to 3 hrs. without additional charges. This does not include our set up or tear down time. Or, we offer our flexible extended use option. In this case, we are not present during your event but are ‘on call’ should you need us for any reason, and make 2 trips but allow you to keep the fountain for an extended period of time.

QUESTION:  Will I need to remind you of my reservation?
  Absolutely not!  We contact all of our rental customers on Monday or Tuesday prior to your event. You know that we have you on our schedule and can go over any last minute details, etc.  Of course, should you have questions prior to then, you are welcome to stop by, call or email us anytime.

QUESTION:  Do I have to provide the dipping items? 
  If your event venue does not require you to purchase Dippers from them, they will allow you to carry in or hire out. We are happy to provide a nice selection of Dippers for you, served on very attractive serving ware, or you can rent our multi-tiered lighted Fountain Surround that can be set on a specific color or can rotate through a variety of colors and patterns. This unique food display is also perfect for serving finger foods and cupcakes too!

QUESTION:  Do I need to decorate the chocolate fountain table? 
  Tables can be decorated to suit the occasion and to any degree of elegance or fun that you desire. We offer decorative assistance for Wichita chocolate fountain rentals at no additional charge, as desired.

QUESTION:  Do you provide other party rentals? 
  Yes! We provide beautiful low cost linens & Chair Covers, Beverage Fountains, BlissLights event lighting, 15 point candelabras & floor/table candelabras, glass centerpieces, candy buffet containers, punch bowls, serving ware, a pop up tent, elegant coffee pot, etc.

QUESTION:  If I do not live in the greater Wichita area, can I still rent a chocolate fountain for my event?
:  YES! Chocolate fountain rentals outside the greater Wichita area will be charged a small flat fee to cover our extra time and gas. Or, if you prefer, you are welcome to pick up and return to us, using our verbal and written instructions.

QUESTION:  Can I depend on you?
 Absolutely. We have been providing Chocolate Fountain rentals since 2003. Our experience speaks volumes but our customers speak louder! See a sampling of comments from our chocolate fountain rental customers: Testimonials.

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