Chocolate Fountain Rentals

Chocolate Fountain Rentals

Chocolate Fountain Rentals traditionally consist of a 3-4 hour rental period using a commercial grade chocolate fountain and a quality grade of chocolate to serve the number of people intended. Some providers may use a premium grade of chocolate and may offer a variety of chocolate flavors, including caramel sauce. Either way, you will find a variety of chocolate fountain rental sizes but if you are serving large groups, you will want to ensure that your Chocolate Fountain rental is made entirely of food grade stainless steel, meeting Health & Safety regulations.

The size of Chocolate Fountain Rentals range from 25″ tall with a 12″ diameter (considered Small) to 55″ tall with a 16″ diameter (considered X-Large). The most popular chocolate fountain sizes include a Medium 29″ x 16″ Dia. fountain to 37″ tall x 16″ Dia. chocolate fountain. New chocolate fountains are not only good sized but are also unique. Ask about the commercial chocolate fountain that runs two chocolate flavors at one time. It is said to provide twice the fun!

Pricing will vary from one provider to another, depending upon the sizes of fountains offered, the grade of chocolate used, the accessories provides, whether or not an attendant is provided, etc. Expect an average rental price of $400 for a commercial chocolate fountain that is large enough to impress your customers and guests and accommodate your party size. 

A local provider will deliver your chocolate fountain rental along with pre-melted chocolate, properly set up the fountain, and ensure a beautiful flow over the fountain’s tiers. Premium Chocolate Fountain Rentals will include some form of drip protection. Local chocolate fountain rentals by The Chocolate Fountain | TCF Party Rentals comes with a professional drip guard that not only looks nice but keeps approximately 95% of the chocolate inside the chocolate fountain base so that linens stay fresh. and attractive. This is a very critical chocolate fountain add-on that is typically free for the asking. 

Chocolate Fountain rentals typically offer an attendant on duty during the rental period or provide a discount if an attendant is not required. Decorative table service may be offered as well, either at no charge or for a small fee. Dipping items may be provided by the rental provider or by the customer.

Locate chocolate fountain rentals in your area for customized full service providers. Check your local phone book under the headings: Chocolate, Party Supply, Weddings, & Rental Companies. Also, check public places like grocery stores for free wedding guides and other publications where Chocolate Fountain Rentals may be advertised.