Caramel Sauce in Your Chocolate Fountain Instead of Chocolate

Chocolate Fountain with caramel sauceCaramel is just as decadent and delicious as chocolate and now you can serve your guests as Caramel Chocolate Fountain or serve both chocolate and caramel if using our two flavor chocolate fountain. 

Commercial chocolate fountains can accommodate a caramel sauce that has the same consistency of a couverture chocolate, or other chocolate for chocolate fountains that create a beautiful and even flow over your fountain tiers. Just like chocolate, if your caramel is too thick it will not properly flow over the tiers and will not create a beautiful Caramel Fountain. If it’s too thin, it will be runny, which takes away from a decadent chocolate or caramel dipping experience. 

The latest craze of spicing up the buffet table with chocolate fountains has evolved, allowing caterers, restaurants, hotels, and home entertainers to amaze their guests with a Caramel Chocolate Fountain. Everyone would like to leave that lasting impression on their guests, and now the chocolate fountain has once again made it possible. A Caramel Chocolate Fountain is a delicious and unique party idea.

For your home model chocolate fountains, make your own caramel sauce or purchase it from us. It is modestly prices and sweet like caramel should be. And, if thinning is required, slowly add cream or water to avoid getting it too thin.

TCF Party Rentals and The Chocolate Fountain provides the caramel sauce for our local Caramel Chocolate Fountain rentals, in the Wichita, KS and surrounding area. Please contact us for additional information.